Bitcoin Scam

Mc Cloud Mining Software
Never download this so call “Mc Cloud Mining Software” and never send your hard earn Bitcoin to the Address shown in the video. You will never get back your money. I have lost 0.01 BTC on this scamming software.

Share with your friends, in forums or social media just before more people being scam into it.

Mc Cloud Mining Software

Mc Cloud Mining Software

The referrer id D6X9P5 suppose to be enter on the given box in the software is just used to show the Bitcoin address that user can sent.

Once I have sent 0.01 Bitcoin to this address, no way for this software to detect that I have made the payment and it forever display “Your Remaining Time To Deposit” and finally the truth came out. It is a scam software indeed. MC Cloud Mining or MC Mining Software is a scam !

I tried to recover back the video link (where I have saw this video) and from where I have downloaded the software, it seem that the video have been removed.

Receiver Address => 1FLEqsXH84KvUcqnSF625PcDDL9GvGDCcU

My Transaction => 440e5d69844196392e5f6c7efd158729526e14a8e89200452754cc0bba0e2230

Can anyone good in blockchain trace down the owner of this Bitcoin Address ( 1FLEqsXH84KvUcqnSF625PcDDL9GvGDCcU ) or totally disable it from functioning?

After I did some Google Search on this Bitcoin address, I discovered some other information investigator (if any) may be interested in.

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